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Making a Positive Impact

Jamie Hoffpauir is a seasoned health and wellness professional with a broad range of transferable, cross-disciplinary skills in Personal Training, Corporate Wellness Programs, Group Fitness Instruction, Wellness Coaching, and Public Speaking. She has a unique ability to blend business acumen with a distinctive understanding of people and behavioral change, resulting in being innovative in implementing plans and programs. Jamie's personal breast cancer diagnosis afforded her the ability to understand the physical and psychological changes individuals face when life throws them a curveball. Jamie has completed numerous Century Bike Rides, half and full marathons, and is a self-proclaimed 'body-builder-wannabe.'

MSW, Tulane University

Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA

Certified Group Exercise Instructor, AFAA

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Spinning Instructor, Mad Dogg Athletics

TRX Suspension Training Certified

Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches School of Coaching

PLYOGA Certified, PLYOGA Fitness

20+ years of experience in group fitness instruction; Step Aerobic, Aquatics, Bosu, BootCamp and Group Strength Training.


The Power of the Ride

It’s time. NOW. To stop talking, quit whining and start moving. Where some hear “time is up”, I hear the crack of a pistol. Head down, eyes straight, not looking left or right. NEVER BACK. Even when I’m flirting a boundary or venturing off the grid, I am always on the track of never backing down or quitting. Meditating on goals I’ve visualized, methodical in my pursuit, my mantra steers me towards my reality. Negative, self-defeating thoughts = loser. I’m thriving, not surviving, fuck you very much. 
Hills, wind, heat, exhaustion...none are reasons for turning around. Draw a line in front of me and I’ll roll, run, jump, climb or crawl over it...whatever it takes. I welcome pain, letting it knock up against me and rebounding into the brush. My body is and was never my enemy—it’s a vehicle I’m building to carry me forward. My spirit does the real work, churning through a race I didn’t sign up for but I’m sure as hell gonna win. 
You’re either with me or I don’t know you. Naysayers, yoga pants and sad-eyed ribbon wavers, just...don’t. I don’t need an assist. I graciously leave you and all resentments by the roadside (not so graciously: eat my dust). I forge packs with conquerors. Via gritty determination, intelligence and a love for all that seems “wrong”, we beauties laugh without restraint, cry when we want and marvel at our imperfections. We are raw, real, graceful and forever fearless. 
I wear a face of perseverance, not a mask of fear. My soul is tattooed with vigilance. My veins are wrought iron. My gaze is unblinking. I’ve earned what you see on me, and what I choose to wear is my armor, my badge. 
I breathe in the poetry of sidewalk chalk, exhale graffiti spray can fumes and bask in the noon and neon light. 
I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be and I’ll figure out what I need to do. And it will always be revolve around motion. 
Because when I’m moving, I AM ALIVE. 




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